SCA formation progress

The Itabire program began officially on April 2014. In June 2014, orientation occurred. In August 2014, facilitator’s training took place. Since then to the present, group creation is happening. In our program we already have 37 groups in 15 local churches with 15 facilitators. Our groups are newborns so there are no tangible great things the said groups have already achieved. The amazing thing is that many Christians are interested in joining groups. It is seen by observing the group creation how much they like this program. Thus, our hope and bright future increases from day to day! Soon we hope …

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About Cyangugu Diocese

EAR Diocese of Cyangugu was stated in 1992 it is located with only one Archdeaconry of Nyarusangeand Three parishes that is Banda. Nyarusange and Bweyeye. it is located in the western province of Rwanda in the two Districts that is Rusizi and Nyamasheke it boarders two countries that is Burundi and DR Congo Cyangugu Diocese has developmental activities like Hotels secondary schools, workshops Cyangugu is attourisits attraction area we have nature forestss of Nyungwe ,cyamudongo hot springs Amashyuza ,lake Kivu More to that Cyangugu is abusiness areaa because it is located on the boarders. The saving program has been established …

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ADEPR SCA Kibuye Program


ADEPR SCA KIBUYE PROGRAM is one program of pentecostal church work since september 2011. Kibuye sca program located in Western province near of beatifull side Kivu lac. This program composed by 24 parishes which have 40,000 christian; now we have 562 saving groups created since october 2011 of 10 952 members. This program change the life of poor christian; they get loans from their groups for doing small busness, they give cows, pig, hen, goats each other.    

SCA ADEPR Gikongoro Program

SCA ADEPR Gikongoro Program is one of programs of Pentecostal church of RWANDA (ADEPR)introduced in the partnership with Hope International. SCA ADEPR Gikongoro program is located in Southern province and it is made of 25 parishes, 165 local churches with 27000 members.Those parishes are in different districts: 13 parishes are in Nyamagabe, 8 in Nyaruguru, 2 in Huye, 1 in Karongi and 1 in Nyanza.                   The office of the program is in Gasaka sector nearby the main road Kigali-Huye- Rusizi at 5 Km from Nyamagabe district. This area of Gikongoro has …

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