Distribution of animals to new group members at Kinkanga Parish

Kinkanga is one parish in the Butare Diocese of the Anglican church of Rwanda (E.A.R.) The pastor of the parish is MURWANASHYAKA Vedaste. The parish is stated in southern province of Rwanda. The parish has around 588 members; the parish has 7 groups of saving and credit. In its daily activities, the parish plans and searches all ways to promote each member of it spiritually, economically and socially. Spiritually, the parish members meet on Sunday to pray and worship God together. The parish organizes group prayers twice a week, too. Economically, the parish awakes all of its members to unite themselves …

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Uwitonze Seraphine’s story

On November, 8 2014,we visited some of the savings groups working within Kibungo Parish. The savings groups visited were located at Rubona Chapel where we have participated in the meeting of UBUMWE, one of those savings groups. After the meeting we visited one of its members called Uwitonze Seraphine. We asked her many questions about her life from when she joined the saving group until now. 1. Before Uwitonze Seraphine with her family (husband and children) had not a good life before joining with UBUMWE. They were poor and they had problems related to meals and to clothes. To go …

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BAVUGIRIJE Daniel’s testimony


This is a story which concerns the activities of Rwanda SCA program. In this story they tell us the way SCA program improved BAVUGIRIJE Daniel who lives in RUSIZI District, Kamembe Sector, Gihundwe Parish and Gihundwe Chapel.  He is from TUZAMURANE savings group. This story show how BAVUGIRIJE Daniel improved his life economically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. Financially, BAVUGIRIJE Daniel after becoming a member of savings group he became rich and bought the dynamos and machines which help him to fabricate shoes and sandals for wearing. He sells them and he gets a salary of 175,000 FRw after paying taxes requested. He …

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