Kibuye Conference

HOPE International started partnering with the Free Methodist Church Kibuye Conference on April 1, 2013. As of January 2015, the Kibuye Conference SCA program has 92 registered groups and 21 non-registered groups, with almost 1,500 members total. The program is working with 35 church facilitators under the supervision of Pastor MUSHIMIYIMANA Casmir, who likes what the program is doing in the conference because he sees Christians growing spiritually, economically and socially.

EMLR CHURCHField Coordinator: NZAMWITA Elysee

I have been with this program for since April 2013, and I see the great change. My wife is very happy for this program in the church and every day she prays for it.

My vision for the program is that all Christians will join a group and that my country, church, member of group will grow spiritually, economically and socially. Every member will able to respond as needed.

Ndikubwimana Frodouard’s testimony

Ndikubwimana Frodouard is a man who has one wife and six children and is a member of DUTERANINKUNGA group. He has been in the group for two years. Before joining the savings group he didn’t know how to pray or how to discuss with others about development, and he had nothing for his family. He took a loan of 12,000 FRw from the group and he bought one goat; today he has three goats. He again took a loan from his group of 60,000 FRw and bought a field. Actually his field give him good production. His family is very happy to …

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