Butare Conference

The Butare Conference began its partnership with HOPE on April 1, 2013 with the approval of Surintendant Rev. RUGENERWA NDAYE Abraham.

RUGORORA EdwardField Coordinator: Edouard RUGORORA NDIKUMANA

I began working with the SCA program from the beginning: April 1, 2013. I have three daughters and two sons with my wife Consolee NYIRABEZA: Josiane UMWIZA, Chanceline AHISHAKIYE, Heritien BAZOZA BENAYA, Dieudonne NDAYIZEYE EHUDI and a baby girl.

My vision for the program is that I wish to see spiritual, social and physical growth in our program.

  • Spiritual: all believers grow
  • Social: all believers know how to live with others
  • Physical: all believers know SCA (Savings and Credit Association) and are members of groups