Gahini Diocese

HOPE has been partnering with the Gahini Diocese of the Anglican Church since July 2009. There are currently 194 savings groups in the diocese (as of August 2014). The head of E.A.R/Gahini Diocese is Rev. Rt. Dr. BILINDABAGABO Alexis.

SERUGENDO StevenField Coordinator: Rev. SERUGENDO Steven

I have only been with this program for 4 months (as of August 2014).

I am married with one wife. We have been together since July 25, 1995. Her name is NYIRANEZA Immaculee, and we have four daughters: IRIBAGIZA Joyce (born 2000), UWASE Reponse (born 2003), MWIZA Shalon (born 2007) and HIMBAZA Pamela (born 2012).

On my behalf, this program will help me realize my calling of helping Christians–and Rwanda in general–holistically (physically, spiritually and socially).