Butare Diocese

The savings program started in Butare diocese in 2008. Three people, Rev. Andre Rwagahungu, Rev. Haganje J. Damascene and Rev. Augustin Habarurema, known as “champions” were trained for the program under the authority of Bishop Nathan Kamusime Gasatura. As of July 2014, 561 group are recorded with 3,171 male members and 7,886 female members, totaling 11,057.

AnnonciataField Coordinator: KABEGA Annonciata


I have been working with HOPE since September 7, 2009. I am married to Rev. Dr. Viateur Ndikumana, and we have three biological children and three adopted children. My husband and I are so glad that we have been called to do God’s work, and we are so grateful that the Lord has blessed our children with success in their education.

My husband is an Old Testament theological teacher. He is also the Vice-Rector of the protestant university PIASS as well as the parish priest of sumo parish Anglican diocese in Butare. This gives me more courage to keep working since he supports me and prays for me.

I believe this program is from God’s own will, and that’s why I think it’s going to keep growing and become strong–like a big, stable tree. Signs that show me this program will keep growing is the way people receive this idea, how they love it and it has changed their way of living. My dreams for these saving groups is that they might grow and become microfinance institutions or banks for members to do even bigger sustainable projects that profit them and their families.

Distribution of animals to new group members at Kinkanga Parish

Kinkanga is one parish in the Butare Diocese of the Anglican church of Rwanda (E.A.R.) The pastor of the parish is MURWANASHYAKA Vedaste. The parish is stated in southern province of Rwanda. The parish has around 588 members; the parish has 7 groups of saving and credit. In its daily activities, the parish plans and searches all ways to promote each member of it spiritually, economically and socially. Spiritually, the parish members meet on Sunday to pray and worship God together. The parish organizes group prayers twice a week, too. Economically, the parish awakes all of its members to unite themselves …

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