Kigeme Diocese

The Kigeme Diocese program was started in 2008. As of August 2014, we have 1,469 groups registered with 26,931 members. Like any other Anglican Church. The Diocese of Kigeme is led by a bishop. Ours is Bishop Augustin MVUNABANDI. The diocese is divided administratively into 4 archdeaconries, 11 districts, 51 parishes, 7 subparishes, 337 local churches and 2,029 grass root churches led respectively by archdeacons, senior pastors, pastors, catechists and leaders.

Field Coordinator: MUKAGAGA VenerandaMUKAGAGA Veneranda

I started in 2008 with HOPE International. I am married with one husband and five children (four boys and one girl). Four of my children are students in secondary school and one is in primary school.

Assistant Field Coordinator: HATUNGIMANA Damien

I started working with HOPE International since April 1, 2014. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Agri-business.

DamienI got married on October 18, 2014. I live in Nymagabe District with my family an I am a catechist at Kayogoro local church.


As we work as HOPE International field coordinators, our vision is not far from the HOPE International vision which is “to invest in the dreams of the poor as we proclaim and live the Gospel in the world’s underserved communities.” To achieve this, the methods we use are the following:

  • Introduction of a saving and credit culture since nursery school
  • Realize our values which include:
    • Reading the Word of God and praying
    • Believing in One God in Trinity
    • The Gospel’s holistic ministry
    • The prophetic voice
    • Honesty
    • Excellence
    • Humanity
    • Perseverance
  • Execution of our vision in Church which glorifies God by proclaiming the good news of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ by depending on the Holy Spirit, a church based on the Bible, the inspired word of God, spiritually dynamic, unified, disciplined, economically independent, committed to programmatic evangelization and to the socio-economic development of people, a church full of love for Christ and for His creation
  • Help the groups to create the culture of innovation.
  • Mobilization on SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperatives)
  • Introduction of saving and credit programs in nursery and primary schools