Butare Region

The ADEPR Butare SCA program was formed in September 2012 under the supervision of Rev. Gabriel. Reaching parishes in Huye District, Nyaruguru District, Gisagara District and Nyanza district, the program has almost 5,000 members in various SCAs (2,004 males and 2,923 females) as of January 2015.

Field Coordinator: Judith MUKANTWALI

I began coordinating the Butare program on the March 1, 2014.

I am married to Rev. KABAGIRE Charles and we have eight children plus two adopted infants.

My vision is to improve operations of Savings and Credit Associations in the Butare program. This will be achieved through increasing the number of Savings and Credit Associations and developing the culture of savings with emphasis on children of Sunday schools, which in turn will be the source of socio-economic development for the members of ADEPR.

Testimony of Alphonse Hategekimana

This story is related to Twisungane B, a savings group of vision impaired persons. This group is located in Mbazi Parish, Huye district. The saving group has 18 members (11 males and 7 females) and all have vision impairment. The president is Alphonse Hategekimana. The savings group of Twisungane has different activities to help them: to pay mutual insurance, working in the activities of agriculture (cassava) and selling the harvest. They bought 9 pigs for the members, and they have the objective that each member may have one pig in 2015. Testimony of Alphonse Hategekimana: I was born in 1970 …

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