Cyangugu Region

The ADEPR Cyangugu program was started on July 5, 2013 under the leadership of Rev. Pasteur HAGENIMANA Vincent. As of July 2014, there are 401 SCAs in the Cyangugu program with 5,621 members.

IMG_2580Field Coordinator: KABARINDA Asterie 

I am married to NDAYISHIMYE Albert. God has blessed us with six children: The first child is called NDAYISHIMIYE Honore Peter Joy. He studies in senior 5 in secondary school in the option Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics. Our second and third are twins girls. Their names are NISHIMWE Albertine and NISHIMWE Honorine. They study in senior 3 secondary. The fourth is NDAYISHIMYE Cyiza Ben Ruben who is in P6 in primary. Our fifth is NISHIMWE Honnette. She studies in P3 in primary. Finally, we have a baby boy born August 14, 2014.

My dream for this program is to encourage all Christians to become members of SCAs, because I have seen the importance of the knowledge I get from this program helping me in my daily life. From that knowledge, I will continue to train well the people and increase the savings groups to make the people improve their welfare spiritually, socially and economically.

The vision of this program is to fight against poverty of spirit and economy. I think that when large number of Christians develop themselves, it will also help churches and the country, because the objective of the country is to fight against poverty to improve the lives of the citizens and live together in peace. 

BAVUGIRIJE Daniel’s testimony


This is a story which concerns the activities of Rwanda SCA program. In this story they tell us the way SCA program improved BAVUGIRIJE Daniel who lives in RUSIZI District, Kamembe Sector, Gihundwe Parish and Gihundwe Chapel.  He is from TUZAMURANE savings group. This story show how BAVUGIRIJE Daniel improved his life economically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. Financially, BAVUGIRIJE Daniel after becoming a member of savings group he became rich and bought the dynamos and machines which help him to fabricate shoes and sandals for wearing. He sells them and he gets a salary of 175,000 FRw after paying taxes requested. He …

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