Kibuye Region

The Kibuye ADEPR program is situated in the Western Province and was started September 1, 2011. As of August 2014, we have 632 saving groups registered with 14, 536 members, 69% of which are women. Our pastor is Rev. NGAMIJE Viateur.

ADEPR SCA Kibuye Program


ADEPR SCA KIBUYE PROGRAM is one program of pentecostal church work since september 2011. Kibuye sca program located in Western province near of beatifull side Kivu lac. This program composed by 24 parishes which have 40,000 christian; now we have 562 saving groups created since october 2011 of 10 952 members. This program change the life of poor christian; they get loans from their groups for doing small busness, they give cows, pig, hen, goats each other.