Ruhengeri Region

The Ruhengeri Region of the ADEPR church started to work with HOPE on July 01, 2013. As of August 2014, there are 203 groups in the region, which have 3,841 members total. This association was founded through ADEPR in order to fulfill a request to support the Christians of the northern region of Rwanda through the creation of groups (SCAs) via its legal representative, the pastor of Musanze District, Past. NSENGIYUMVA Innocent.

UWIMANA RebeccaField Coordinator: UWIMANA Rebecca

I have a husband and three children–two boys and one girl.

In order to contribute to a sustainable development of the program, my vision for the program through HOPE is as follows:

Spiritually: I want the SCA members of ADEPR/Ruhengeri program to become very qualified people, endowed with ethical values and correctly fulfilling their mission in front of God, notably:

  • Having faith in God
  • Having positive thoughts
  • Living ethical values

Socially: I am eager to see the SCA members of ADEPR/Ruhengeri live in unity between themselves so that they are visiting each other and defending each other in all needs.

Economically: I have a dream of seeing the members of SCA groups in Ruhengeri develop themselves by making their groups stronger and growing their development activities to alleviate poverty.