Kibungo Diocese

The Savings and Credit Association program in the Kibungo Diocese was started in 2007, initiated by community volunteers called “The Champions.” Due to insufficient resources, the present implementer, HOPE International supported the Anglican Church of Rwanda Kibungo Diocese by recruiting a full-time staff effective September 27th, 2009 to fully monitor all activities of the program for sustainable development.

We are proud to report tremendous achievements in this program with 525 SCAs as of August 2014, which bring together 10,725 members in the whole diocese consisting of   3,949 men and 6,779 women most of who are youth in which we entrust our future.

The Kibungo Diocese is one of the eleven dioceses of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. It is located in the eastern part of the country, and it operates in four districts, which are  Rwamagana, Ngoma, Kirehe and Kayonza. Currently the Kibungo Diocese has 36 parishes and 218 sub-parishes.

The Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kibungo Diocese operates within the global Anglican Church doctrine in both norms and administrative structures. Specifically, the Kibungo Diocese is led by the Rt. Rev. NTAZINDA Emmanuel as the bishop since early 2011. This program has greatly witnessed many successes due to his embracing the SCA program.

MUNYEMANA EzechielField Coordinator: MUNYEMANA Ezechiel

I am married with one wife called Mrs. MUNYEMANA Jeannette with whom we have three children (two girls and one boy). I am a graduate of accounting domain and currently work as the Savings and Credit Association field coordinator for the Kibungo Diocese.

As a dedicated Christian worker, my vision is to fully achieve in the areas that contributes to the holistic transformation of the vulnerable communities I work with through Savings and Credit Association empowerment based on the Biblical principles of physical, spiritual and social sustainable development.

The transformed life of Mukamwiza Felomain

The SCA program has continued to be a very outstanding holistic transformation agent in the country and specifically in the Anglican Church of Rwanda Kibungo Diocese. In an interactive sharing with one of the beneficiaries, she told us her story. MUKAMWIZA Felomain, a member of EJO HAZAZA savings and credit association group and a resident of Gatore parish who has been a member to the SCA program since 2009 as a very vulnerable and needy person in the community has a lot to give glory to God for. In her own words she thanks HOPE International Rwanda and her partners like …

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