Umutara Region

The Umutara ADEPR region began partnering with HOPE in 2011. It is located in Eastern Province and operating in three Districts such as GATSIBO, NYAGATARE and KAYONZA. ADEPR Umutara  started the savings and credit program in different parishes and local churches with a mission of evangelism and calling people to fellowship. Under the supervision of Reverend NTIBARIKURE Jean de Dieu, as of January 2015, we have 143 savings and credit associations with 3,251 members in whole region. Those include 1,762 women and 1,489 men.

ApianeField Coordinator: Pastor Apiane BAZIHANIRIKI

Since 1/1/2014 I was hired to follow up on HOPE SCA activities. I feel proud to coordinate such a program, which improves the future of people.

I am married with one wife, Mrs. MUKESHIMANA Christine, with whom we have six children: four boys and two girls. I have a bachelor’s degree in Management (Economics and Business) and Finance.

As Field coordinator my vision is the mission achievement through strategies of spiritual, social and physical growth in Jesus’ name and working together with savings and credit associations. I hope to promote HOPE SCA activities in order to make families small heaven-on-earths through spiritual, social and physical development as well as reducing poverty through group savings and credit in Jesus’ name .