Kibungo Region

The Kibungo ADEPR program was started on September 1, 2011. The ADEPR Kibungo program operates within the ADEPR Eastern Region lead by Reverend  NTIBARIKURE Jean de Dieu. In Kibungo, we have Rev. Alfred HABARUREMA as the program direct supervisor and Rev. Jacques RUGANZU is in charge of Spiritual Integration. As of August 2014, we have 444 registered savings groups with 10,015 members.

EmmanuelField Coordinator: IRAKUNZI MARIZAMUNDA Emmanuel

I joined HOPE International in November 2014.

I am married with Mrs. KANZIZA Marie Vespine with whom we have three boys and three girls: UWACU Regis, TUMUKUNDE Larissa, IRAKUZI First Christian, IRAKUZI Second Christiane, IRAKUZI Tertio Christus, and IRAKUZI Quartus Christella.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Management and very soon, I will have a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Religious Studies through the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) as well.

As a field coordinator, my vision is mission achievement through spiritual, social and physical growth in Jesus’ name and working more closely with Savings and Credit Associations. In addition, as a disciple maker, I have a task to encourage Christian people to come back to Genesis where God has ordered human beings to control the earth and transform it.

Uwitonze Seraphine’s story

On November, 8 2014,we visited some of the savings groups working within Kibungo Parish. The savings groups visited were located at Rubona Chapel where we have participated in the meeting of UBUMWE, one of those savings groups. After the meeting we visited one of its members called Uwitonze Seraphine. We asked her many questions about her life from when she joined the saving group until now. 1. Before Uwitonze Seraphine with her family (husband and children) had not a good life before joining with UBUMWE. They were poor and they had problems related to meals and to clothes. To go …

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