Kigali Diocese

HOPE International has been in partnership with the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kigali Diocese (EAR/DK) since 2008, developing Savings and Credit Associations in each of the 41 parishes. In our SCA ministry, we have more than 10,000 group members in 550+ saving groups. The current bishop of the Kigali Diocese is Rt. Rev. LOUIS Aimable Muvunyi.

Field Coordinator: KAYIRA TimothyKAYIRA Timothy

I  started working with HOPE July 15, 2011. I am married with three children (two boys and one girl).

My vision for the program:

  • Integral mission is the key of our main activities.
  • Holistic development: Provide targeted business development training for group members holistically. (Sharing experience and study tours, training in financial management, Bible studies, business development and other key business issues, linking with MFIs and banks, …)
  • Encourage youth to join saving groups: In Rwanda, according the 2012 statistics 11,500,000 for Rwandans, 50% is youth, and youth are the largest number of unemployed people

Musindikazi Leonille’s testimony

I am MUSINDIKAZI Leonille, married with 4 children. I live in Rusororo sector, Rwamagana district in Ruhanga parish. Before being trained in saving groups, I was in a trap of poverty and hopelessness. When I joined UBUMWE saving group, together with 40 members, we aimed to reach the target of saving 500 RWF by each one a week, which means 2,000 RWF a month. For the loan phase 1, I paid my annual health insurance at 18,000 RWF price. After clearing it, I applied for the second one. With this, I bought a place of building house at 150,000 RWF. After a …

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Savings Group Visit – March 6th, 2013

Visit @ Abifatanije

We left Kigali at 01:20 pm to go to Muyumbu Village about 45 miles from the center of Kigali. It was a beautiful day and it was raining. When we got there they welcomed us charmingly filled with joy. The savings group, Abifatanije, is a group of 20 women and that started in 2005. They are all active Anglican Church members. We were impressed by the work that these women have done, as many of them are widows. They meet once a month and contribute a share of 300 RWF each per meeting. Some of the women work with the …

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EAR/DK Saving Circle Program 2012

G1 greetings

The main objective: SAVING CIRCLE PROGRAM is the reunification of individuals in four relationships: Human being and his Creator Individual and himself Human being and others Human being and other creatures SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: INTEGREL MISSION OF THE  PROGRAM IN  EAR/DK: Understanding how things were when God created them and the current situation God’s Mission (Psalm 139:14) Stepping down (John8: 44) God’s Mission in Jesus (1John3: 8) ACHIEVEMENTS OF THIS YEAR 2012: I.    5 Gs: All the groups use the same strategies of meeting preparation, since time is God’s Gift.              I.   Kigali Saving Circle Program methodology: …

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