Free Methodist Church

History of EMLR (Eglise Methodiste Libre au Rwanda)

The Free Methodist Church of Rwanda is a Protestant denomination started in 1942 by Pastor Frank Adamson and his wife. In 1945, the couple actively began evangelistic activities, the building of churches, and assistance to the sick in Kibogora in the western province of Cyangugu. The mission of the denomination is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching the Word of God. The headquarters of the denomination is in the Gikondo District of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city. Its activities are spread throughout the country.


Structure of EMLR

The head of the church is the bishop. There is a general conference and seven conferences headed by ministers with a total of 151 parishes.

History of partnership with HOPE

HOPE started its partnership the Free Methodist church in April 2013. They started by working in two conferences and are currently working in five conferences with five field coordinators, with a total of almost 500 groups and 7,000+ members.

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