Byumba Diocese

The Anglican Diocese of Byumba is one of 11 Anglican Diocese in Rwanda. It is located in the Northern Province. The diocese was established in 1991 and works in five districts: Gicumbi, Burera, Rulindo, Gatsibo and Nyagatare. In addition to its role of preaching the gospel, the diocese provides social and economic support. Some activities include: education, health, agriculture, livestock and social services.

The Byumba program, started in 2008, is one of HOPE’s oldest programs. As of July 2014, there are 1,397 SCAs with 33,311 members. The program is under the leadership of Bishop NGENDAHAYO Emmanuel.

IMG_4812_Field Coordinator: NIYOYITA MUKANDANGA Verene

I started working with HOPE from the launch of the Byumba program in 2008. I am a widow (my husband died in 1997) and I have five children: three daughters and two sons and three grandchildren. My first daughter got married in 2009.

The dreams I have for this program are:

  1. In spiritual life: Christians who are in HOPE groups work to glorify God in their homes, their churches and their communities because God has done miracles in them. Christians will live well in love and peace.
  2. In welfare: Christians who are in HOPE groups are able to feed themselves three times a day because they work hard. They are also able to buy health insurance, educate their children to the level of PhD and help their communities to improve.
  3. In economic life: Christians who are in HOPE groups have activities which are developed to the amount above 750 million RWF with a credit allowance per person of 150 million RWF and savings above 15, 000 RWF per person per month.

MUKAKAYANGE Cecile’s testimony

MUKAKAYANGE Cecile is a member of TUJIJUKE group in Nyamengo parish, Nyagitabire cell, Nyagihanga Sector. She is a widow and has 4 children. I.BEFORE ENTERING THE GROUP She was in loneliness and her children abandoned their mother. She was left home alone, and she liked smoking because she thought that can reduce her pain and sadness and she didn’t get the solution. She passed 10 years in that time. She didn’t live well with others. To be treated was not easy because she didn’t have insurance for her and her children. They ate one meal a day or not at …

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