Ramba Presbytery

Ramba EPR started to work with HOPE International on August 1, 2013. As of August 2014, we have 107 Savings and Credit Associations with 2,040 members. The president of Presbytery is Rev. Pastor NDAGIRO Joseph.

FelixField Coordinator: MUSORE Felix

I started working with HOPE International August 1, 2013. I am married with one wife, and we have four children–one girl and three boys.

My vision is to contribute to poverty reduction and bring people back to God’s plan, our church members and Rwanda in general. The vision of this program is to rebuild four relationships: God and man, man and himself, man and environment and man and others.

Twivane Mubukene SCA

This savings and credit group is called Twivane Mubukene. It is located in the Western Province of Rwanda, Rutiro District, the sector of Rusebeya and the cell of Ruronde. It works in the Presbyterian church in Rwanda, Gisenyi Presbytery, Parish of Karambo. This group of Twivane Mubukene started in September, 2013. It is composed of 34 members, where 16 are women and 18 are men. Each member of the group started by saving 3,000 FRw by using ASCA with interest rate for credit of 10 percent. After one year they have got the total amount 1,000,000 FRw. The main mission of this …

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