Kirinda Presbytery

The Presbyterian Kirinda program was launched August 1, 2013 under the supervision of Rev. KARANGWA Prince. As of July 2014, there are 81 savings groups with 1,569 members (914 women and 655 men).

MunoapeaceField Coordinator: NMUJAWARUREMA M. Noella

I started working with HOPE International when we started the Kirinda program.

My aims for the program is to improve financial services to group members, to develop group members according to their savings and to encourage a culture of savings and credit to group members.

Abakoranarukundo group

ABAKORANARUKUNDO group use ROSCA and ASCA. All group members agree that their savings have greatly transformed their lives because all the group members have access to credit. It provides their members with financial services to help them respond to unexpected problems. This group wishes to facilitate its group members to easily have access to mattresses. At the end of the cycle every group member will have a mattress in his/her home. Besides ROSCA and ACSA, they do other activities like digging land, and when they find jobs they work together as a team and put the income earned in a box. …

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