Itabire Presbytery

The Itabire program began on April 1, 2014. Being so new, we’re still in the process of training all our facilitators to fully launch the program. KARANGWA Prince is the pastor and church leader.

JonasField Coordinator: MUTAGAWA Jonas

I began working with HOPE on April 1, 2014, helping to start the Itabire program. I have a good and large family: I have one wife and five children. I am also raising seven other orphans. This program will help many people fight against poverty.  I wish for it to reach many communities and even to many other churches in various parts.

SCA formation progress

The Itabire program began officially on April 2014. In June 2014, orientation occurred. In August 2014, facilitator’s training took place. Since then to the present, group creation is happening. In our program we already have 37 groups in 15 local churches with 15 facilitators. Our groups are newborns so there are no tangible great things the said groups have already achieved. The amazing thing is that many Christians are interested in joining groups. It is seen by observing the group creation how much they like this program. Thus, our hope and bright future increases from day to day! Soon we hope …

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