About Cyangugu Diocese

EAR Diocese of Cyangugu was stated in 1992 it is located with only one Archdeaconry of Nyarusangeand Three parishes that is Banda. Nyarusange and Bweyeye. it is located in the western province of Rwanda in the two Districts that is Rusizi and Nyamasheke it boarders two countries that is Burundi and DR Congo
Cyangugu Diocese has developmental activities like Hotels secondary
schools, workshops
Cyangugu is attourisits attraction area we have nature forestss of Nyungwe ,cyamudongo hot springs Amashyuza ,lake Kivu
More to that Cyangugu is abusiness areaa because it is located on the boarders.
The saving program has been established in this Diocese and is becoming successfully because we have 15parishes and we have more than three saving group in every parish

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