SCA ADEPR Gikongoro Program

Isaie Ndayizeye, The Field coordinator of SCA ADEPR GIKONGORO Program

SCA ADEPR Gikongoro Program is one of programs of Pentecostal church of RWANDA (ADEPR)introduced in the partnership with Hope International. SCA ADEPR Gikongoro program is located in Southern province and it is made of 25 parishes, 165 local churches with 27000 members.Those parishes are in different districts: 13 parishes are in Nyamagabe, 8 in Nyaruguru, 2 in Huye, 1 in Karongi and 1 in Nyanza.

Isaie, The field Coordinator with the president of Saving groups in the training



Kalisa, the Representative of ADEPR in Southern Region








The office of the program is in Gasaka sector nearby the main road Kigali-Huye- Rusizi at 5 Km from Nyamagabe district.

Facilitators in the training about SMS Reporting system

This area of Gikongoro has been characterized by extreme poverty and hunger when people used to die by hunger. The soil of Gikongoro is not fertile; it needs manure to get good harvest. Different initiatives have been made by the government and other organizations to help the people to solve those problems based on poverty. Besides, Genocide has destroyed Rwandans morally, socially, spiritually and economically. ADEPR is contributing to have a well rebuilt country. SCA program is one meaningful means that can help Rwandan to change that bad situation as it focuses on social, moral, spiritual and economic transformation. In ADEPR Gikongoro program we have put much emphasize on SCA and lots changes are made. In one year and a half, the SCA is bringing changes in the community so that we can recognize different positive signs showing the progress: socially, morally, spiritually and economically. Here are some of them:

  • This program is helping a lot as it helps the Christian to grow spiritually and love one another-It becomes a tool of evangelization as some people have been saved in the saving groups
  • Christians are being familiar with the saving culture (it was serious problem in Rwanda) and using money in the activities to generate income. We have 10, 665 people (6867 females and 3837 males)  in 583 saving groups which have an amount of 134,044,335  (this amount is in their rotating saving and credit systems, cash, bank, loans and group investments.)
  • Some groups bought mattresses for the members, helped members to pay mutual health insurance fees, helped members to get school materials of their children, They bought domestic  animals such as pigs, hens, rabbits, goats and cows and this helps to get manure for their land: These have changed a lot the living condition of saving group members family-children are studying well
  • They help to manage conflict and solve problems which used to be in the community: This program is very helpful in Rwanda after Genocide, wars and different conflicts, the program like this was very needed
  • Through these saving  groups, people are living together and fight loneliness
  • We have started the saving program in the children to help them to be familiar with the culture of saving since their childhood and have team spirit. We have 47 saving groups of children with more than one thousand members and they are very interested: we need to see how to integrate the Spiritual values in those saving groups. We hope Crown films will be very helpful as kids like films.

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