Facilitators’ end-of-year celebration

At the end of the year 2014, the facilitators of ADEPR Kigali organized a ceremony of thanks to God for all activities done during the year of 2014 .


Claude’s family

On 23 December every facilitator was accompanied by his wife, and they invited some church leaders and HOPE staff. ADEPR was represented by general secretary Rev. SEBAGABO Leonard, Rev. HAKIZIMANA Joseph representing the Kigali region.

During the ceremony, the president of facilitators took the time for thanking the church leaders and HOPE (represented by Pastor NDAYIZEYE Isaie) for their assistance and help.

TheĀ general secretary Rev. SEBAGABO Leonard thanked the facilitators for their organization and promised them all support and collaboration via the Field Coordinator.

Pastor Isaie also thanked the facilitators for their commitment and their projections for next year, and he gave them some new structures of SCA for next year.

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