The transformed life of Mukamwiza Felomain

Mukamwiza Felomain at her business premise during one of her busy day borrowing money in the SCA Group in grow her enterprise

Mukamwiza Felomain at her business during one of her busy days, borrowing money in the SCA group to grow her enterprise

The SCA program has continued to be a very outstanding holistic transformation agent in the country and specifically in the Anglican Church of Rwanda Kibungo Diocese. In an interactive sharing with one of the beneficiaries, she told us her story.

MUKAMWIZA Felomain, a member of EJO HAZAZA savings and credit association group and a resident of Gatore parish who has been a member to the SCA program since 2009 as a very vulnerable and needy person in the community has a lot to give glory to God for. In her own words she thanks HOPE International Rwanda and her partners like the Anglican Church of Rwanda for the support rendered to her during this time of the program implementation.

Initially, she was very poor and at the extreme level of poverty and spiritually not a good person. After joining the SCA program, today she is very proud of who she is in the community as she has a business of selling onions with about 500 kgs sold per week. Today she has a well-built house as a result of working with the rest of the members in the SCA program and is very thankful for the teamwork. She has continued to support children who are orphans and her own children who are now spiritually raised based on Christian values as values attained from being members of the SCA program.


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