Uwitonze Seraphine’s story

On November, 8 2014,we visited some of the savings groups working within Kibungo Parish. The savings groups visited were located at Rubona Chapel where we have participated in the meeting of UBUMWE, one of those savings groups.

This one is Uwitonze Seraphine,one of the saving group members of Ubumwe in Kibungo Parish/ADEPR

This is Uwitonze Seraphine, one of the savings group members of UBUMWE in Kibungo Parish/ADEPR

After the meeting we visited one of its members called Uwitonze Seraphine. We asked her many questions about her life from when she joined the saving group until now.

1. Before
Uwitonze Seraphine with her family (husband and children) had not a good life before joining with UBUMWE. They were poor and they had problems related to meals and to clothes. To go to the church was not possible because of that lack of clothes. To attend the ceremonies of her neighbors was not easy.

2. After
After joining to the savings group UBUMWE, the life of Uwitonze Seraphine and her family has totally changed. Today, they have a good life. They have health insurance, their children are now studying, and to have clothes is not a problem for them. She has a plantation of maize and soja where she plans to improve the family’s life by the crops they are growing.

For the spiritual life, Uwitonze and her family have confidence to participate freely in Sunday worship. Now, Uwitonze is a good servant within the church where she is a deacon at Rubona chapel and she works more closely with her pastor. Uwitonze now has a good relationship with her neighbors and within the group, she is a leader.

3. Her vision
Uwitonze wants to continue to perform in this life and to develop herself financially, socially, and spiritually by joining the savings group members.

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