BAVUGIRIJE Daniel’s testimony

This is a story which concerns the activities of Rwanda SCA program. In this story they tell us the way SCA program improved BAVUGIRIJE Daniel who lives in RUSIZI District, Kamembe Sector, Gihundwe Parish and Gihundwe Chapel.  He is from TUZAMURANE savings group.

This story show how BAVUGIRIJE Daniel improved his life economically, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

DSC_0333Financially, BAVUGIRIJE Daniel after becoming a member of savings group he became rich and bought the dynamos and machines which help him to fabricate shoes and sandals for wearing. He sells them and he gets a salary of 175,000 FRw after paying taxes requested. He feeds and clothes his family and pays the school fees of his children and himself.

For the money borrowed in the savings group he practices also the commerce of honey and he has many customers.

Spiritually, he has taken a decision of studying   theology school in an evening program after work for becoming strong and helping others in sharing the Word.

DSC_0334Emotionally, this man is very happy to have these crafts and occupations for living well with his family.

In the community he is respected by the society because he has become very important because he can help others financially and socially in different contributions.

Briefly, this man says that he will continue to participate in the savings group because he remembers how he was very poor before becoming a member. He was poor socially, financially, spiritually and he cannot return his family to those difficult times. He wishes all the community to become members of the SCA program in order to improve their life and their intelligence economically, spiritually and socially.

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