Testimony of Alphonse Hategekimana

This story is related to Twisungane B, a savings group of vision impaired persons.

Alphonse shares his testimony

This group is located in Mbazi Parish, Huye district.

The saving group has 18 members (11 males and 7 females) and all have vision impairment.

The president is Alphonse Hategekimana.

The savings group of Twisungane has different activities to help them: to pay mutual insurance, working in the activities of agriculture (cassava) and selling the harvest. They bought 9 pigs for the members, and they have the objective that each member may have one pig in 2015.

Testimony of Alphonse Hategekimana:

I was born in 1970 at Rugano cell. Now I am married, and I have four children, one girl and three boys and have been blind for eight years.

I started with nothing. I was a beggar and after joining the savings group I am able to buy food, clothes and other needs for my family. I have my own house.

When lost my vision ability I thought that my life is finished but now I work as others and I am the President of Twisungane B association.

I am Christian in ADEPR Church. I participate in the activities with other Christians.

My family helped to restore my life, and we work together in order develop our lives.

I feel well when I am at church and sharing ideas and prayers with friends.

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