Achievements of Nyiranziza Gaudance

Nyiranziza Gaudance  in front of her house and near the cowshed

Nyiranziza Gaudance in front of her house and near the cowshed

Nyiranziza Gaudance is a widow who is one of the founding members of TUZAMURANE Savings Group located at ADEPR-Murambi Chapel in Nyamagabe District. She lost her husband in 1997 and since then she has had a heavy burden of supporting her family of five children. It was difficult for her to satisfy her basic needs and provide for her family since she had no sources of income.

In 1999, she realized that there were other church members at Murambi chapel who were sharing the same problem, they discussed on the problem of poverty they were facing and how they should emerge from it. They ended up with the idea of creating a savings group to which they gave a name of TUZAMURANE. At that time, Nyiranziza Gaudance had the aim of starting a small business that could help her to provide for her family. The first loan of 3,000 Rwf she got from her savings group used in the business of processing and selling a sorghum soft drink called “ubushera”.

DSC08588With that small business she has been making more profits that enabled her to provide for her family and achieving other remarkable assets. She is now living in a modern house which has electricity and water from a small shelter; she has got two cows and other small livestock.

Nyiranziza Gaudance has a plan of expanding her business and running other businesses such as selling different commodities needed by the community in Nyamagabe town.

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