Musindikazi Leonille’s testimony

UBUMWE saving group secretary

Lenille is the UBUMWE saving group secretary

I am MUSINDIKAZI Leonille, married with 4 children. I live in Rusororo sector, Rwamagana district in Ruhanga parish. Before being trained in saving groups, I was in a trap of poverty and hopelessness. When I joined UBUMWE saving group, together with 40 members, we aimed to reach the target of saving 500 RWF by each one a week, which means 2,000 RWF a month.

For the loan phase 1, I paid my annual health insurance at 18,000 RWF price. After clearing it, I applied for the second one. With this, I bought a place of building house at 150,000 RWF. After a short period of time, I sold it at 450,000 RWF. Then I paid a farming land at 500,000 RWF.

We shall close phase 3 on 16 August 2014 and I am planning to buy three goats with aim of getting fertilizer and these goats will produce another 12 goats in October 2015 according to my plan.

Meanwhile we visit each other within our saving group members. We do home visits and we pray together in our families so that our husbands and children are aware of our activities. We help each other from family to family when a problem or ceremony occurs so as to educate our neighbors on forming new saving groups.

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