Musindikazi Leonille’s testimony

I am MUSINDIKAZI Leonille, married with 4 children. I live in Rusororo sector, Rwamagana district in Ruhanga parish. Before being trained in saving groups, I was in a trap of poverty and hopelessness. When I joined UBUMWE saving group, together with 40 members, we aimed to reach the target of saving 500 RWF by each one a week, which means 2,000 RWF a month. For the loan phase 1, I paid my annual health insurance at 18,000 RWF price. After clearing it, I applied for the second one. With this, I bought a place of building house at 150,000 RWF. After a …

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EAR/DK Saving Circle Program 2012

G1 greetings

The main objective: SAVING CIRCLE PROGRAM is the reunification of individuals in four relationships: Human being and his Creator Individual and himself Human being and others Human being and other creatures SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: INTEGREL MISSION OF THE  PROGRAM IN  EAR/DK: Understanding how things were when God created them and the current situation God’s Mission (Psalm 139:14) Stepping down (John8: 44) God’s Mission in Jesus (1John3: 8) ACHIEVEMENTS OF THIS YEAR 2012: I.    5 Gs: All the groups use the same strategies of meeting preparation, since time is God’s Gift.              I.   Kigali Saving Circle Program methodology: …

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