Achievements of Nyiranziza Gaudance

Nyiranziza Gaudance is a widow who is one of the founding members of TUZAMURANE Savings Group located at ADEPR-Murambi Chapel in Nyamagabe District. She lost her husband in 1997 and since then she has had a heavy burden of supporting her family of five children. It was difficult for her to satisfy her basic needs and provide for her family since she had no sources of income. In 1999, she realized that there were other church members at Murambi chapel who were sharing the same problem, they discussed on the problem of poverty they were facing and how they should …

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The Significance of Savings


“Enjoy today while it is here; let tomorrow take care of itself.” Many facets of culture provide insight into the mindset of its citizens:  food, dance, literature, art.  The activities that compose culture are, in their rawest form, the heart of a people in action.  Culture is precious because it is a material manifestation of the immaterial—heart and mind expressed in sinew and flesh. The function of museums is to document the progression of human idea expressed through culture.  Vacation destinations are selected based on a desire to “experience the local culture.”  Innovation in technology results from the changing needs …

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SMS Training Update

Over the last few weeks, HOPE Rwanda and its church partners worked diligently to empower local savers in a new way.  Training sessions conducted in the northern and eastern regions of the country equipped clients with the skills to use the latest tool in reporting technology: the SMS reporting system. The SMS reporting system, introduced in May 2013, provides the SCA program with higher levels of accountability, accuracy, and accessibility through the submission of savings information via text message.  This system allows data collection to be more instantaneous and efficient, while simultaneously improving the quality of the data collected.  This …

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ADEPR SCA Kibuye Program


ADEPR SCA KIBUYE PROGRAM is one program of pentecostal church work since september 2011. Kibuye sca program located in Western province near of beatifull side Kivu lac. This program composed by 24 parishes which have 40,000 christian; now we have 562 saving groups created since october 2011 of 10 952 members. This program change the life of poor christian; they get loans from their groups for doing small busness, they give cows, pig, hen, goats each other.    

Savings Group Visits – May 25-27, 2013

On Saturday, May 25, members of the HOPE team received the pleasure of accompanying the Long family as they attended a savings group meeting in Musanze.  This twelve member savings group was unusual because it was composed solely of men.  These men have been meeting together for three years and were able to provide each member with a goat.  Their goal is now to provide each member with a cow, an accomplishment they expect to take many years.  Some members have also used the loans they have received from the group to purchase health insurance for their families. One member …

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